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We are a group of business strategists, ready to help you grow.

Reviewing Statistics

We Partner Best with Open-Minded, Growth-Oriented Business Owners Who are Willing to Make a Change

Reviewing Statistics
When we started this journey, we had one common goal in mind as a company: to be the glue that helps hold companies together and succeed. Business owners can be so close to their operation that it can be difficult to step back and see what needs to be tweaked, adjusted, and maneuvered to lead to the best outcomes. This is exactly where NorthStar comes in to help.
Working at desk
We ask the questions that you may not think to ask and examine the issues that may not always be surface level. Whether a business owner is struggling to achieve growth, retain employees, or simply make a profit, we are always ready and willing to offer our advice through expert business consulting.
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We Want to Know Your Business

Do You Know the Value of Your Business?

How does your company operate and what value should it be providing to the market? How does that align with what your profit margin should be?

Would You Like to Be More Efficient with Your Company Spending?

Are funds being allocated in the right places for maximum efficiency in operational costs? Do you see returns on what you spend, or feel like you’re throwing money at things that give you no ROI?

Do You Have the Right People in Your Organization?

A business is nothing without a good team. Do you have the right team players or professionals filling certain roles? If not, do you know how to find them?

Do You Have the Key Marketing Systems in Place?

Are you taking advantage of the correct marketing avenues for today? Do you have a good digital marketing strategy?

Proven Success: The Numbers Don't Lie

According to a 2017 US Bank survey, 83% of the businesses worldwide are NOT profitable. It is a scary number to face as a business owner, especially if you know you are not making the profits you should, compared to your operation. We are here to help you change that statistic by determining what needs to change within your operation.

Finding YOUR NorthStar!

When you work with NorthStar, you’re getting a full repertoire of tools to transform your business. From marketing and finances to operations and human resources, we’ve got you covered with the best business planning services.

Meet Your Experts

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