These titles are tried and true and have enhanced the 4 Points of Focus™ in hundreds of companies

Reading these NorthStar Strategic Partners recommended business strategy eBooks is valuable to enhance your business. They offer a wealth of knowledge and insights from successful entrepreneurs and business leaders who have navigated the complex world of commerce and to bringing a company through to its endgame and successful sale. They also represent the intellectual know-how behind a number of business consultancy services.

These eBooks often cover a wide range of topics, from profit to endgame recommendations, from marketing strategies and customer relationship management, to financial planning and organizational structure. This breadth of information allows you to gain a holistic understanding of how different aspects of your business interact and influence each other.

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These eBooks include real-world case studies that provide concrete examples of how certain strategies can be implemented and the results they can yield. This can be particularly useful for visualizing how these strategies might apply to your own business context.

Obviously, the digital format of e-Books makes them a convenient resource. You can access them anytime, anywhere, making it easy to turn downtime into productive learning time.

By reading NorthStar’s recommended eBooks, you stay up-to-date with the latest trends and innovations in the business world. In an ever-evolving landscape, staying informed is crucial for maintaining a competitive edge.

As one of our business consultancy services, we are pleased to provide this material to give you valuable insights, practical strategies, and the flexibility to learn at your own pace. Our library includes:


by Wendy Roberts

Based on the NorthStar Strategic Partners 4 Points of Focus™ methodology, this book acts as your compass to take you through the four vital areas of business discipline. By following the path the 4 Points of Focus™ lays out, and succeeding in each area, you are all but guaranteed achievement of the goal you designed for yourself.

Endgame: A Business Owner's Guide for Deciding When to Sell

by Value Builder System

One of the key benefits of the NorthStar Strategic Partners 4 Points of Focus™ strategy is planning and developing the perfect business exit strategy. Gary Brown has written a book that supports that initiative. Endgame helps business owners understand the factors that influence when to sell their business and make the best decision for their personal and financial goals.

The Yes Box: How Step-Change Thinking is the Key to Growing Sales in a Shrinking Economy

by John Warrillow

In a shrinking economy, many businesses focus on cutting costs and reducing prices to stay afloat. However, in The Yes Box, John Warrillow argues that this is a losing strategy. Instead, businesses and their process improvement consultants should focus on creating new value for customers and solving their problems in new and innovative ways. Warrillow calls this approach “step-change thinking” which goes beyond incremental improvements and instead, makes bold changes to the business model, product offerings, and marketing strategy.


by Mike Michalowicz

Profit First challenges the traditional accounting approach, which focuses on tracking expenses after revenue is generated. Supporting the Financial Strategies & Growth concept of the 4 Points of Focus™, Profit First advocates for allocating revenue into different buckets, including profit, expenses, taxes, and owner’s compensation, before any money is spent. This approach helps business owners to prioritize profit and ensure that they are always making money, achieving profit optimization, even during tough times.

The Freedom Point: A Financial Planning Guide for All Business Owners

by Value Builder System

The Freedom Point sets a business owner on a strategy to sell their business at the right time to fund the owner’s desired lifestyle. That moment in time, value and opportunity is what the book defines as “The Freedom Point.” Having a financial plan to achieve this while exercising business team building is center stage to reaching the “Freedom Point,” as well as supporting a NorthStar Strategic Partners 4 Points of Focus™ strategy.

Famous or Rich: 9 Ways Value Builders Prioritize Wealth over Recognition

byJohn Warrillow

This book asks the question “Would You Rather be Famous or Rich?” There is a small but growing cohort of business owners who have become fantastically rich through building a small business in relative anonymity. Along the way, the direction they have received from financial business consulting has prioritized wealth creation instead of falling into the trap of striving to be popular among their industry peers. Wealth and maximizing your company’s value is a key objective of NorthStar Strategic Partners 4 Points of Focus™, and embracing the Famous or Rich principles is helpful augmentation to your 4 Points of Focus™ journey.


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