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The 4 Points of Focus™

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“With our 4 Points of Focus™ as your compass, you can take your business to an optimal level of profitability, scalability, sustainability and ultimately achieve an organization of value whether you choose to open it to acquisition or other end-game options.”

– Wendy Roberts, author of The Only Business Compass Your Company Will Ever Need.

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The 4 Points of Focus™

Let this proven methodology transform your company with state-of-the-art business coaching and financial consulting!

Focus is the key to success in business. It is not about doing more things, but doing the right things. It is not about being busy, but about being productive. It is not about being distracted, but about being persistent.

The 4 Points of Focus™ are components of a proven methodology that will help you exceed your objectives and supersize your company’s value. We have identified the crucial aspects of your business within the Points. Should you perform to 80% potential or more in all these areas, you will surpass your highest revenue ideals, keep a generous portion of your profits, achieve your wildest dreams and make your company a highly desired acquisition when you decide to make a lucrative exit. We provide business and financial consulting with impact!

marketing strategies

Marketing Strategies

Identify and Focus on the Best Customer (Red – hitting the bullseye, good fortune and passion)

Your successful strategy is not unlike a great journalist. It comes down to the basics: who, what, when, where and how. Who is the best prospect for spending the most money with your company? What are their hot buttons that they need satisfied? Where do they go for information about your product or service? How do you reach them, and how much should you invest to reach them? When do they need you and how can you expedite that need? Your marketing strategy will have the answers and a list of tactics to capture the revenue, and ultimately, the business valuation you deserve.

Financial structure & growth

Financial Structure & Growth

Achieving Healthy Profit First (Green – money, vibrant growth, rich crops)

Your financial metrics and statements tell the story about your company’s health and real-time value. If your company is on a path to failure, the diagnosis will appear here first. How can cash flow and profit margin be improved? Are you making money each quarter? Are you sure? What is the optimum balance of debt and equity financing for your company? We will help you quickly define and analyze the most important metrics for your business through time tested financial consulting methodologies and present a blueprint for enhancing business sustaining profits.

operational excellence

Operational Excellence

Efficiency Driven (Orange – gold, innovation, bright solutions, try something new, aura of success)

Now that you can see you are making money, it is time to assess the area that could derail you with a strong business consulting analysis: You need to have operations that are not draining your resources. Your operations must be efficient, professional and produce the most effective outcomes. They also must be documented, repeatable and able to be fulfilled by new or substitute team members without the need for a huge learning curve.

NorthStar Strategic Partners provides experience across multiple industries and business operation procedures. We represent innovative tools and concepts to continuously improve your day-to-day operations to save you money while keeping your customers happy.

people and team building

People & Team Building

(Blue – “true blue” trust, depth, loyalty, sincerity, wisdom, confidence, stability)

Developing the quality and dedicated team building needed to achieve your business objectives is one of the biggest challenges you might face as a business owner. It is a challenge you must succeed in, however. Your team is central to the value of your company. No level of business consulting or financial consulting will help if your team is not aligned, supportive and productive. It is the fabric in maintaining long-term customer relationships, and it gives you your best chance at top operational effectiveness. The tactics in this area include attracting the right talent, and training the talent that you have.

NorthStar Strategy Partners has the expertise to deploy a proprietary assessment tool that will give you immediate information on how your team compares to your industry’s standard and their ability to implement best practices. We help you develop a comprehensive recruiting, training, and incentive program to identify and retain the key team members you need.

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