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NorthStar Strategic Partners are pleased to provide our customers with our on-demand webinar library. Please feel motivated to use these programs as your “business strategy consultant” at your fingertips. These video webinars are helpful when you need to refresh ideas you have learned, when you need some financial consulting ideas, or simply to expand your business education.

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Tuesday, April 30th


Continue your journey with the second part of our two-part webinar series, “Financial Foundations.” In this session, we’ll provide a brief recap of the 4 Points of Focus and then dive into practical strategies for leveraging your financial statements to tell the compelling story of your business.

Explore the nuances of income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements. Gain insights into differentiating between gross and net profit and discover key tips for managing growth and maintaining stability through your financial structure. From creating a financial plan to tracking cash flow, minimizing overhead costs, and investing in growth, learn actionable steps to fortify your business. 

Don’t miss out on this invaluable session for shaping your business success.

Presented by
Wendy Roberts, CEO of NorthStar Strategic Partners, Inc.

Wendy Roberts prides herself on creating winning strategies while helping her clients maximize their resources and their profits. As a CPA, she knows her way around corporate financials. As an entrepreneur, start-up CEO & CVO and a former corporate executive, Wendy offers a broad insight into finding solutions to help her clients achieve exceptional growth and financial success. She has a BS in Accounting from Indiana University, MBA courses at the University of Tampa and years of experience counseling clients on financial and profitable success.



Join NorthStar Strategic Partners CEO Wendy Roberts as she explores the power of the 4 Points of Focus™. By fully realizing top discipline in the strategic areas of Marketing Strategy, Financial Structure & Growth, Operational Excellence and in People & Team Building, your organization can excel in its profit, scalability, and sustainability goals.


Based on the e-book Endgame: A Business Owner’s Guide for Deciding When to Sell by Gary Brown, NorthStar Strategic Partners CEO Wendy Roberts guides viewers through the key points business owners should consider when deciding on their business exit strategy. As a seasoned business strategy consultant, Wendy touches on pertinent ideas that NorthStar Strategic Partners customers should consider ranging from personal goals and motivations to market conditions to the decision-making process itself.


Inspired by the e-book The Yes Box: How Step-Change Thinking is Key to Growing Sales in a Shrinking Economy by Maira Ribeiro, this webinar explores how the thought-provoking challenges presented in the “Yes Box” can be capitalized upon by utilizing the NorthStar Strategic Partners 4 Points of Focus. As a business strategy consultant, Ribeiro argues for “Step-change thinking” needed in an opportunistic business. Step-change thinking is about going beyond incremental improvements and making bold changes to your business model, product offerings, and marketing strategy. In this insightful webinar, NorthStar Strategic Partners CEO Wendy Roberts takes participants through step-change thinking as realized in the 4 Points of Focus™ even in challenging business times, such as in a recessionary environment.

Business For Sale

A strong benefit a NorthStar Strategic Partners customer receives from their customized program, designed by our team, focuses on their plan for an exit strategy. The 4 Points of Focus™ can prepare your company for a timely and lucrative sale. In this webinar, NorthStar Strategic Partners CEO Wendy Roberts discusses 12 stages of a business sale and gives a full 360° perspective on the “business for sale” process. She covers details that include both the buyer and seller positions, due diligence, financial consulting, valuation, all the players involved and more.

The Freedom Point

Presented by NorthStar Strategic Partners CEO Wendy Roberts and business strategy consultant Quang N. Do, this webinar helps a business owner to determine the value a business needs to achieve for them to live the lifestyle they want. That value is known as the “freedom point” and sets a business owner on a strategy to sell their business at the right time to fund the owner’s desired lifestyle. Having a financial consulting team to develop your plan to achieve this is center stage to reaching the “freedom point,” as well as supporting a NorthStar Strategic Partners 4 Points of Focus™ strategy.

Profit First

NorthStar Strategic Partners CEO Wendy Roberts goes right to the heart of most business owners with this informative webinar. It does not take much financial consulting to know that heart can be summed up in one word: profit. Based on the book Profit First by Mike Michalowicz, this webinar tackles the challenge of a business to maximize profit. Wendy discusses why taking your profits first can lead to more success for your company, how to create a slush fund to combat a downturn and introduces you to a strategy to re-price to gain more profit immediately

8 Key Drivers to Selling Your Company:
Factors that Drive Your Company’s Value

NorthStar Strategic Partners CEO Wendy Roberts shows participants how to increase the value of their companies by as much as 70% in some cases. One objective to working with a NorthStar Strategic Partners business strategy consultant and the 4 Points of Focus™, is to set up the business for an ultimate sale or acquisition. Wendy discusses the 8 key drivers and factors that can make your business a value powerhouse. These include your growth potential, recurring revenue, customer satisfaction and more.

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