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5 Unconventional Ways to Motivate Your Team

In the quest for peak business performance, motivating your team emerges as a perennial challenge. Traditional incentives like bonuses and
promotions have their place, but there’s a broader spectrum of strategies that can energize your team in more profound and sustainable ways.

NorthStar Strategic Partners stands not just as your “business consultant near me” but as your ally in the quest for exceptional
business success, promising not just guidance but a transformation that aligns with the highest standards of excellence and profit maximization. Our
commitment to driving your success is grounded in the 4 Points of FocusTM

Motivating your team effectively is a key component of that Point of Focus. We can help you guide your strategy in this important aspect of
your business.

A business consultant can move your team’s focus beyond the paycheck

Here, for example, are five unconventional tactics that could transform your approach to team motivation, highlighting real-life examples that illustrate their potential impact.

1. Job Rotation: A Fresh Perspective  Allowing employees to switch roles or departments temporarily might seem counterintuitive, but it’s a practice laden with benefits. It breaks the monotony, fosters skill development, and injects fresh enthusiasm into daily tasks.

Real-life Example: Pixar Animation Studios is known for encouraging its employees to take on different roles within the company. This approach not only prevents creative stagnation but also promotes a deep understanding of the business from various angles, ultimately enriching the work produced.

2. Idea Contests: Valuing Creativity  Creating a space where employees can suggest improvements or new project ideas and rewarding the best among these fosters a culture of innovation. It sends a powerful message: every team member’s input is valued.

Real-life Example: Google’s 20% Project allowed engineers to spend 20% of their time on any project they chose. This not only led to the creation of some of Google’s most famous products, such as Gmail and AdSense but also significantly boosted employee motivation and creativity.

3. Workplace Wellness Programs: Health as Wealth  Investing in your team’s physical and mental health demonstrates a commitment to their well-being beyond office hours.

Real-life Example: Zappos, the online shoe and clothing retailer, offers its employees wellness programs that include anything from weight loss competitions to marathon sponsorships, emphasizing the company’s commitment to its employees’ health and happiness.

4. Reverse Mentoring: Bridging Gaps  This unique approach pairs younger employees with veterans. The exchange benefits both sides; experienced staff gain insight into new technology and trends, while the younger generation absorbs wisdom and industry knowledge.

Real-life Example: Procter & Gamble (P&G) implemented a formal reverse mentoring program to help senior executives stay up to date with technological advances and social media trends, showing that learning is a two-way street.

5. Transparency: Sharing the Vision  Regularly sharing key business metrics and updates with your team fosters a sense of ownership and shared purpose. When employees are kept in the loop, they’re more likely to invest themselves in the company’s success.

Real-life Example: Buffer, the social media management tool, takes transparency to the next level by openly sharing everything from salaries to equity, thereby promoting trust and a strong sense of community among its workforce.

NorthStar can guide you to motivational success

These tactics extend beyond mere motivation; they’re about creating an environment where employees feel valued, engaged, and part of something greater than the sum of their job duties. The benefits of such an approach are manifold. Engaged employees are more productive, more innovative, and more likely to stay with your company over the long term.

Adopting these unconventional methods requires a shift in perspective and a willingness to experiment. However, the rewards— a dedicated and motivated team, driven not just by personal gain but by a commitment to a shared vision—are immeasurable.

Strategies for motivating your team should be as dynamic and diverse as the individuals that make up the team itself. By exploring these unconventional avenues, you lay the groundwork for a work environment that thrives on creativity, mutual respect, and shared success. Your business might not just achieve its targets but could redefine them altogether.

Developing the quality and dedicated team building needed to achieve your business objectives is one of the biggest challenges you might face as a business owner. It is a challenge you must succeed in, however. Your team is central to the value of your company. No level of business consulting or financial consulting will help if your team is not aligned, supportive, and productive. It is the fabric of maintaining long-term customer relationships, and it gives you your best chance at top operational effectiveness. The tactics in this area include attracting the right talent and training the talent that you have.

NorthStar Strategy Partners has the expertise to deploy a proprietary assessment tool that will give you immediate information on how your team compares to your industry’s standard and their ability to implement best practices. We help you develop a comprehensive recruiting, training, and incentive program to identify and retain the key team members you need. By following the NorthStar—your Polaris—our partnership illuminates the path to not just meeting your business objectives but exceeding them, ensuring that your corporate voyage leads to unparalleled success and long-term prosperity.  Ready to start? Schedule your Discovery Call today!

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