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Incorporating Financial Planning Into
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The Freedom Point: A Financial Planning Guide for All Business Owners


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The Freedom Point sets a business owner on a strategy to sell their business at the right time to fund the owner’s desired lifestyle. That moment in time, value and opportunity is what the book defines as “The Freedom Point.” 

Having a financial plan to achieve this as part of your exit strategy consulting, is center stage to reaching the “Freedom Point,” as well as supporting a NorthStar Strategic Partners 4 Points of Focus™ strategy.


the freedom point

This eBook offers a simple methodology you can apply to reach financial independence.

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The book takes the reader through key points including:

  • How to evaluate your business
  • A step-by-step process for calculating an owner’s Freedom Point
  • How to determine if an owner is passed their Freedom Point
  • Three financial options business owners will face once they’ve reached their Freedom Point
  • Why more owners are planning to exit sooner
  • How to sell your company when the Freedom Point is reached

The Freedom Point explains why it is important for business owners to have a financial plan. It discusses the different factors that contribute to a business’s value, such as its profitability, growth potential, and the management team evolved through an exit strategy consulting plan.

The book provides a simple formula that business owners can use to determine how much money they need to accumulate in order to reach the “Freedom Point” financial goals. It includes a number of case studies of business owners who have successfully reached the Freedom Point. These case studies provide valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities that business owners face as they plan for their future and it concludes with a chapter on tips for selling a business.

The Freedom Point is a valuable resource for business owners who are planning for their financial future. The book provides a clear and concise framework for integrating financial strategy into the business team building process, calculating the Freedom Point and developing a plan to reach it.


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