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How Step-Change Thinking is the Key
to Growing Sales in a Shrinking Economy

The Yes Box: How Step-Change Thinking is the Key to Growing Sales in a Shrinking Economy

BY John Warrillow

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In a shrinking economy, many businesses focus on cutting costs and reducing prices to stay afloat. However, in The Yes Box, John Warrillow argues that this is a losing strategy. Instead, businesses and their process improvement consultants should focus on creating new value for customers and solving their problems in new and innovative ways. Warrillow calls this approach “step-change thinking” which goes beyond incremental improvements and instead, makes bold changes to the business model, product offerings, and marketing strategy.

Creating value across your organization is an underlying principle of NorthStar Strategic Partners 4 Points of Focus™ making The Yes Box highly relevant.



The book provides a number of practical tips and tools for businesses and their process improvement consultants to help them implement step-change thinking.

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The Yes Box provides a number of examples of businesses that have used step-change thinking to grow their sales in tough economic times. The book tells the stories of Microsoft, MailChip and Uber all starting in economic downturns. Those times can be brutal, but also catalysts for success.

Key learning points from the book include:

  • Approach your industry in a new way called, “Step-Change Thinking”.
  • Feel at ease by understanding the cyclical nature of recessions.
  • Avoid the urge to take the wrong approach.
  • Gain inspiration from companies that successfully made step-change improvements.
  • Spark innovation in your business through an exercise called “The Yes Box”

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